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    Backflag Fairy Dust Ultrafine Chalk 細滑鎂粉


    Fairy Dust Ultrafine Chalk is extremely smooth, feels weightless and gives a fine dusting of chalk on your hands for great grip.

    Fairy Dust Ultrafine Chalk 極致細滑,無重感加上極細粉粒均勻佈滿雙手,為你帶來超乎想像的抓力。

    Why the name Fairy Dust? Well, because our chalk is as smooth and featureless as the holds on Fairy Steps V3 – an extremely fun and precarious slab climb on the Chung Hom Kok Predator Bloc, one of the most classic blocs in Hong Kong. We wanted to have fun with our naming and pay homage to the wonderful boulders in our city.

    Fairy Dust 又是如何命名呢?因為我們的鎂粉猶如 Fairy Steps V3 上的hold 一般光滑、平順 – 若有若無!位於舂坎角的 Fairy Steps V3 是一個非常好玩而又充滿變化的攀石路線,屬於香港其中一個最經典的地點。我們在為產品命名的時候,除了有趣,也特別希望產品能承載我們對香港戶外攀石地點的尊敬。


  • Chalk

    Backflag Fat Boy Chunky Chalk 粗塊鎂粉


    A premium chunky chalk, named after the iconic “Fat Boy” bloc in Shek O, Hong Kong, is perfect for climbers who enjoy crushing their projects the way they crush chalk in their hands.

    以石澳經典攀石路線 Fat Boy 命名的優質粗粒鎂粉,最適合享受像粉碎挑戰一般,粉碎鎂粉塊的你。

    We wanted to celebrate the awesome bouldering problems in Hong Kong, so we named Fat Boy Chunky Chalk after the famous Shek O classic, Kung Hei Fat Boy (sds) V6. Start sitting on the right corner of this large boulder and use big, powerful moves up the variety of cracks and crimps and make your way up to the top!

    為了宣揚香港獨特的戶外攀登地點,我們特意參考了經典的石澳攀石路線:Kung Hei Fat Boy (sds) V6 來為我們的 Fat Boy Chunky Chalk 命名。開始的時候坐在這塊巨石的右下角,以大膽、有力的動作征服一道又一道crack,攀登到最高點!

  • Chalk



    Cleanbing 10kg

    Product intended for the washing of scalable surfaces.

  • Chalk

    PD9 liquid climbing chalk


    With outstanding friction and sustainability. It is a liquid chalk that distinguish from conventional products. Moreover, chalk dust is reduced to the limit. It can be used clean anytime and anywhere. Children can use with confidence.

    No using pine tany ingredients